Game Portfolio

1. In my Eyes. is a interactive point and click poem about modern inconveniences, and depression. "The cycle of capitalist gains spins me like I am a playing card stuck in a bicycle wheel, where my only function is to make noise for my rider" Roles: Game Design, Programming, Modeling, Animations

2. Team up with the Rad L.A.D.D.S (Ladd's Addition Demon Destroy Squad) to take down the midnight man who is wrecking havoc on your little Portland neighborhood! Be careful... you never know if he's around the next corner. Made for the PIGSquad Summer Slow Jams July 2018 Edition. Roles: Gameplay Programming, Mapbox Integration, Project Management

3. Pupil is a Unity VR toolkit for low-impact accessibility features and optimizations backed by research. Roles: Toolkit Development

4. Creature-Z is an augmented reality horror game for iOS. Originally created for the Global Game Jam 2018 by Tristan Damron, Mark Nerys, Lauri Rustanius, and Erick Cloward, development has continued to the present. Roles: Programming, Game Design, VFX

5. Rollerboy VR. he roll, he bounce, but most importantly, he doesn't go where you want him to go. like ever. Roles: Programming, Modeling, Animation, Game Design

6. Going Postal is a game where players build their own post office with a friend! Log packages, throw them at customers, upgrade your post office, and make a ton of cash in this arcade local coop game. Roles: Game Design, Graphic Design, Programming, Sound Design

7. The INT Tech Demo is an in-development, public, non-profit technical demonstration being developed for Starboard Games LLC. Over the Summer of 2017, I was hired to do contract game development working using C# and Unity focusing mostly on gameplay optimizations, documentation, and feature implementation. Roles: Programming, Technical design, Team management

8. [p][e][t][s] is a virtual reality pet simulator for the HTC Vive. It was developed for the Portland Indie Game Squad's 2017 Summer Slow Jam (June Edition.) Take care of your weird pet in a virtual environment. Satisfy its needs, and try not to panic as events in the house distract you from your new pet! Roles: Programming, 3D Modeling, Animations

9. Flexer Upper is a three player table top game about three lady space pirates battling against the clock to repair their ship. The hexaflexagonal engine of their spacecraft is about to fail, so Gwydion, Calliope, and Rebecca must run through the halls of their ship to find extra fuel rods. But even as they rush to repair, the engine room is flipping and rotating in infinite space! Flexer Upper was developed in a 24 hour game jam for Portland Indie Game Squad's March 2017 Table Top Jam. Roles: Game Design, Technical Writing

10. Sometimes I'm Sad. Experimental flatgame for Flatgame Annual 2016! 2016 has been hard on all of us, so I thought I would try to embody the hard times that I've been experiencing through this game. Roles: Game Design, Programming, Art Asset Creation

11. Shape Ship is a fast-paced retro arcade space shooter where you fly through checkpoints to reach the next level, all the way dodging enemies, and mines that are dropping from your ship. Roles: Game Design, Graphic Design, Programming, Sound Design

12. The Illusion of Control. Take the role of young children making sense of an occupied country during war time. This RPG was developed for the PIG Squad Summer Slow Jams series, and uses a virtual GM to help progress players through the story. Roles: Programming, Story, Game Design

13. Cerbearus. This multiplayer cooperative game is part of the PIGSquad Summer Slow Jams. The forest has become infested with dangerous spirits and creatures. This is no journey to do alone, so team up with your best friend to battle angry spirits and clear the woods from a lurking evil. Strategize your attacks, cast spells and team up with your friends as a surprise lays around every corner. Roles: Game Design, Unity Programming, Network Programming